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Mission Statement

“To assist our clients in reaching their goals and having ‘HI SUCCESS’.”

Our Approach

We concentrate on developing our clients’ businesses to be “HI SUCCESS.” All of our services are fully comprehensive from initiation to completion. We will thoroughly explain and educate the differences of doing business in Japan and Hawaii. This includes United States’ employment policies, laws and the nature of doing business as a whole. We strive to have all of our clients be successful and enjoy their lives in Hawaii. Our services include: creation and implementation, restructuring, and optimization.

Creation and Implementation

We have the flexibility of both helping clients develop a business plan as well as implementing clients’ pre-existing plans. Some common services include introducing lawyers and accountants to meet legal and financial requirements, identifying potential locations, connecting clients with contractors, and other logistical requirements (i.e., merchant services).


For restructuring services, we are given a problem by the client and asked to identify a solution. Our management identifies solutions by diagnosing the problem through interviews with employees, reviews of financial statements, and analysis of day-to-day operations. After analyzing the sources of the problem, we collectively work with the owners to create unique solutions that will alleviate the client’s specific problems.


Our optimization services include cost reduction and inefficient process problems. Similar to our restructuring services, our team analyzes the company by taking inventory and highlighting key performance indicators. Through the analysis of the key performance indicators, our team recommends solutions to alleviate the client’s problems through implementation of current technology and security systems.