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Mission Statement

“To assist our clients in reaching their goals and having ‘HI SUCCESS’.”

Company Description

This company was established to help foreign investors, families, retirees and businessmen/businesswomen who want to live or invest in Hawaii. We strive to accommodate their requests to the best of our abilities and help them achieve their goals.

Our expertise includes starting/reorganizing businesses, real estate and financial investments (i.e., acquiring businesses, life insurance and annuities in Hawaii). We have a strong competitive advantage due to our combined 40 years of diverse and successful experiences. Our bilingual executives have vast business experience in Japan and Hawaii as international private bankers and real estate and insurance agents. Our staff have lived and worked in both Japan and Hawaii, which helps our clients effortlessly transition to Hawaii.

Market Analysis

There are few International business consulting firms that operate in Hawaii. No single firm dominates the marketplace due to the firm’s lack of international expertise. Our team’s vast international expertise will help our international clients successfully accomplish their goals.

Since the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, we have seen a steady growth of Japanese families moving and acquiring Hawaiian properties as well as starting businesses in Hawaii. We believe this trend will continue to increase due to the radiation problems associated with the consistent news of radiation leaks from the Fukushima Power Plant. Our company has the capability and experience to accommodate the needs of these people.

Organization and Management

The company was founded by two International successful business associates working as a team. The President & CEO, Yuko Lee, has been a charismatic business owner operating “J Beauty Clinic Center” in Hawaii since 2008. The Vice-President & COO, Kenneth Nakagawa, had a successful business in Tokyo and a successful banking career as an international private banker in Hawaii.